the habitat collection

habitat  /ˈhabɪtat/ noun: the natural home or environment of an animal, plant, or other organism

Our earth is beautiful…and despite the damage we do to it, it continues to grow, flourish and graciously give back. Natures grace is so much greater than man’s stupidity. Our habitat is where we find food, protection and shelter. It is also a space where we find delight and inspiration. Our senses are heightened in nature while our anxieties are calmed.

The Habitat Collection is a carefully curated selection of nature inspired designs that each tell their own tale. The story behind the design, is for me, the most exciting part of a print. It gives a real sense of depth to a pattern and tells a tale beyond the surface of a textile print.

The Habitat Collection expresses my love for nature and the beauty and power it displays.


The ocean is my happy place. Home to so many diverse and incredible creatures, it is a source of amazement and wonder. The energy from the waves is both tranquil and powerful…a natural mood booster. This print expresses my joy for surfing and my love of the ocean. The simple, freehand wavy shapes are reminiscent of a Japanese design style.