making – botanical wall mural

We renovated our guestroom towards the end of last year and my heart was set on a beautiful feature wall decorated in a striking botanical wallpaper…until I received the quote for the said striking botanical wallpaper. Choke, cough. Okay. Plan B. I can draw and I can paint…I’ll just paint my own striking botanical feature wall! How hard can it be? The large scale of the wall was obviously bigger than a sketchbook, but it actually wasn’t too difficult. With a bit of planning, some chalk-drawn outlines of my favourite lushy plants, a slightly diluted grey wall paint and a medium paintbrush and off I went. It was really such a relaxing large scale project that gave me a real sense of accomplishment and turned out just great. The room has a tranquil atmosphere with the simple planty shapes in grey with accents in sage green watercolour. I love hanging out in our Botanical Room, especially now that we’re staying at home so much. It’s the perfect spot to read quietly or catch up with friends on zoom.

cushions by Cloth and Print | daybeds by Sofa Company | lighting by Eight Degrees South

2 thoughts on “making – botanical wall mural”

  1. What a stunning mural, with its understated tones and meticulous detail. I just love it!

    1. Thank you Linda! I must say I’m quite chuffed with it…now looking to see where else I can paint!

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