making – contemporary embroidery

Hi there. I’m sharing a crafty tale that touched my heart. My granny was a craftswoman who embroidered, crocheted, knitted and stitched tapestries. But most grannies did stuff like that, right? She was the same gran that inspired my print Granny’s Beads from the Heirloom Collection. During the quarantine period, my eldest son has been flexing his creative fingers and wanted to embellish a thrifted shirt. So after a couple of generations, her embroidery hoops were dug out (some from 1944…I know this because she wrote her maiden name and the year in pencil on the inside of the wooden hoop) and all the vintage embroidery floss sorted out. After a quick YouTube tutorial on basic embroidery stitches, he began his project. It took longer than he anticipated but he enjoyed the peaceful meditative stitching process and was pleased with his contemporary outcome of this ancient craft.